On Days Like Today by Casey Reeves

I never tire of the look of surprise on people's faces when I remark that I was born & raised here. "Lucky!” they often reply, with their eyebrows arching into their hairline! This predictable response is often followed by, “What a great place to grow up!" As I watch their mind race over what it must have been like to spend your childhood at the beach...

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HB Businesses: Share your news & events

Do you operate a local Holden Beach business and have an upcoming sale or business event?  Let us know here at HoldenBeach.me and we’ll help spread the word. Just send an email to news@holdenbeach.me telling us about the event (when, where, who, what, etc.).  We’ll write a post about it and share it  with the Facebook & Twitter communities.

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Holden Beach 2007 [Video]

This Youtube video, without a doubt, captures the spirit of Holden Beach. Submitted by "silverpork," it beautifully documents "The B Team at Holden Beach, July 2007." We particularly love the intro and choice of music throughout the video

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