Town News: Hurricane Michael Advisory 3

Hurricane Michael Update October 11, 2018 – 4:00 p.m. Holden Beach has been spared and blessed again! Hurricane Michael passed north of Holden Beach in central North Carolina. The high tide late this morning did not damage the oceanfront grass line. It did erode some frontal dunes and damage some boardwalks in the Holden Beach West subdivision. The canals overall did well. Only a few came out of their bulkheads. The damage was not serious. Shingles suffered again. There are

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Town News: Hurricane Michael Advisory 2

Town of Holden Beach From the Mayor’s Desk 10/10/2018 Hurricane Michael Advisory Tomorrow morning (October 11, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.) Holden Beach will be under a declared emergency status due to the potential impact of Hurricane Michael. Winds tomorrow will increase with gusts potentially 50 (+ -) MPH. Remember the bridge will close if sustained winds are 45 MPH or more. Three (+ -) inches of rain may fall tomorrow with tides possible up to three feet higher than normal.

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Town News: Hurricane Michael Advisory 1

Hurricane Michael Advisory Hurricane Michael appears to be on its way up the east coast with a strong possibility of it impacting Holden Beach. You are encouraged to secure trash cans, furniture, loose items in and around the yard, etc. All other preliminary storm precautions should be implemented. An update will follow tomorrow midday.

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Photos from Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina in September of 2018 as a massive, damaging hurricane. While damage to the island of Holden Beach was minimal, flooding on the mainland was significant. Attached are some of the photos shared by town officials and locals on the island and mainland areas.

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Holden Beach Hurricane Watch Group

Storm Waves

We’ve created the Holden Beach Hurricane Watch Facebook Group to help community members share important local information during times of intense storms. It’s intended to be not only a place to share critical weather-related updates, but be a useful location for families, friends, home owners, and quests to connect in times of crisis. Holden Beach Hurricane Watch Facebook Group

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