Goodbye Hurricane Arthur, Hello Independence Day 2014!

Beautiful Beach after Arthur

It’s a beautiful Independence Day at HB Hurricane Arthur has left us and we’ve got a sunny sky and beautiful beach waiting for you. It’s a perfect day to go shell hunting after the storm or just lounge around the beach. In fact, here is our list of three things you should do today. Hunt for Seashells The absolute best time to find beautiful seashells is right after a storm. The churning waves push a lot of whole shells up

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Hurricane Sandy Passes By

It’s Monday, October 29th and Hurricane Sandy has completely passed by Holden Beach without causing much more harm than some rain, winds & minor erosion. Locals and visitors alike can breath a sigh of relief. But that doesn’t mean anyone is celebrating. Our community is no stranger to devastation wrought by hurricanes and other coastal storms. Holden Beach has weathered many a hurricane in years passed. Some of them have left permanent scars in the landscape, economy, and the psyche

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Hurricane Irene *UPDATED

Hurricane Irene continues to turn eastward, which is good for Holden Beach. At one point the storm was expected to hit the mainland south of The North Carolina coast. That would have had the stronger, eastern side of the storm hitting Holden Beach. Let’s all hope the storm continues to turn out to sea in the next few days. You can track the storm here: Hurricane Irene UPDATE 8/24 5pm: Townhall is cautioning everyone that high rip currents are

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